• Associate Professor in Microbiology
  • INSERM U1070 "Pharmacology of anti-infective agents"
    Pôle Biologie Santé
    1 rue Georges Bonnet
    86022 Poitiers cedex

Publications HAL

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  • Maxime Pichon. Caractérisation du microbiome respiratoire et de la diversité génomique virale au cours des formes de grippes sévères. Virologie. Université de Lyon, 2018. Français. ⟨NNT : 2018LYSE1271⟩. ⟨tel-03042137⟩

Short CV:

Dr Maxime PICHON (born 03.06.1988) is associate professor of microbiology at the university of Poitiers, School of Medicine and Pharmacy ; and Hospital Practitionner at the Poitiers University Hospital, France.

Member of the INSERM unit U1070 « Pharmacology of Antimicrobial Agents », he received his MD (2017) from the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and his Ph.D (2018) in Physiology, Biology and Interactions of the Organisms, with a Specialisation in Bacteriology and Virology, from the University of Lyon, Saint Etienne and the Ecole Normale Supérieure, after conducting his doctoral reserch with Prof Dr. B . Lina in the National Reference Center on Influenza.

He has published 23 articles and book chapters (H-index =7 and i10 score = 4 according to Google Scholar) and was co-director of two master students, one Ph.D. student, and numerous medical residents.

He has organized the annual congresses of the French Microbiology Society (SFM) since 2018, when he founded the Young Microbiologists section. More recently, he was a member of the local organization comittee for the french National Infectiologist Days (JNI), in Poitiers (10 -12 June 2020).

He was implicated in several research grants during his Ph.D. and received, in 2019, three research grants in his own name, including the European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.

Since in Ph.D., he is especially interested in Microbial communities, described using new technologies of Sequencing, with a special focus on minor variants with particular properties.

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