Inserm U-1070 is looking for a new Post-doc in PKPD/PBPK modeling

A 1 year post-doctoral position is available, connected to AB-Direct, an IMI-2 project.


Position’s description

Gepotidacin is a new antibiotic under clinical development. Its tissue distribution is being investigated in human’ tonsils and prostate using ex-vivo microdialysis. Distribution in prostate is also presently being characterized in rats.

The recruited Postdoctoral Researcher is expected to complete the following tasks:

  • Implement the new rat prostatic distribution data in a PBPK model previously developed by GSK, using SimCYP.
  • Use this model for between species extrapolation in order to predict prostatic concentrations profiles in human patients after various dosing regimens.
  • Combine this PBPK model with a semi-mechanistic PK/PD model to predict antimicrobial efficacy under a variety of scenarios.
  • Communicate and present the results.

Candidate requirements

  • D. in Pharmacokinetics oriented PKPD/PBPK modeling
  • Good knowledge of SimCYP and Nonmem
  • Ability to work in a team and communicate in English


Contract :

The position is available for a period of 12 months, with an expected starting date 4th January 2021.

Applications should be written in English or French comprising a statement of motivation and research interests, a CV, a full publication list, and the names of two referees.

These files should be sent by email to:


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Welcome !

Inserm U1070 “Pharmacology of Antimicrobial Agents is oriented towards Europe!

The research unit affiliated to the University of Poitiers and INSERM has been created in 2012 and comprises 20 permanent staff members (clinicians, pharmacists and scientists) and 13 students (PhD and master students).

The INSERM U1070 unit aim to optimize the antibiotic usage with a triple target:

  • To increase their efficacy,
  • To control the toxicity and
  • To limit the emergence of antibiotic resistance.

In order to do so, we are developping innovative PK/PD modelling approaches to select the best dosing regimen of antibiotics administered alone or in combination as well as the best route of administration and best formulation.

Inserm U1070 conducts translational research, from cells culture models to patients, by integrating microbiology, analytical chemistry, drug formulation, and in vivo preclinical experiments.

To date, Inserm U1070 received several grants from Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine, ANR, PHRC, JPIAMR, IMI and CPER-FEDER and has established collaborations with ANSES and several Universities in France (Paris Sud, Paris Diderot) and abroad (Dublin, Erasmus MC, Upssala, Hambourg, Catholic University of Louvain…), as well as leading pharmaceutical companies.



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