Experimental data generated in the lab or from clinical studies are analyzed within specific modelling software.

For statistical analysis, preparation of dataset for analysis or creation of figure, R version 3.5.2 (free software, R Foundation for Statistical Computing) is used.

For non-compartmental pharmacokinetic and bioequivalence analysis, Phoenix WinNonLin 6.3. (Certara L.P., St. Louis, Missouri) is used.

For non linear modelling and non linear mixed effect modelling one of the following software can be used. These software are used to develop PK and PK/PD models in order to predict concentration-versus-time and bacterial count-versus time profiles :

  • Nonmem version 7.4.3 (ICONplc), with Pirana version 2.9.9 (Certara), Xpose and PSN version 4.8.1 (Uppsala University) as tools.
  • Monolix version 2020R1 (Lixoft SAS, Antony, France) is used to investigate antibiotics PK in plasma and milk in the frame of the Antibio-Trace project.

For pharmacokinetic analysis based on physiology (PBPK), Simcyp version 18 (Certara) is used. This software including extensive demographic, physiologic and genomic databases is used for the AB-DIRECT project to simulate drug concentrations in tissue and organs of interest and to perform cross-species extrapolations.

For simulations from a PK or PK/PD model, Berkeley Madonna version 8.3.18 (University of California) or one of the software cited previously for non linear modelling can be used.

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