In vivo conventional experiments

Pharmacokinetic experiments in animals (rats and mice) with drug administration and sampling (blood, broncho-alveolar lavages…) are performed in the lab and several rooms are specially equipped. The room MSW 128 is dedicated to surgery. It disposes of two complete and fix gaseous anesthesia devices with induction box coupled with their surgery tables and masks (Univentor 400 anesthesia unit, Phymep, France). All materials necessary for drug administration, for instance rat intubation platform inclined at 45° used for nebulization (TEM SEGA, France).The room is also equipped with a stereotaxic apparatus (David Kopf Instruments, USA) which is used for brain microdialysis surgery  and also for cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) sampling. After surgery, animals can recover in thermostated and ventilated cabinet (IFFA CREDO, France) .

Gaseous anesthesia device and stereotaxic apparatus Thermostated and ventilated cabinet

In vivo experiments on infected animals

The unit presents a BSL2 lab equipped with a microbiological safety cabinet (Herasafe HS 12, Ingenia, France) and a complete and mobile gaseous anesthesia devices with induction box coupled with their surgery tables and masks (Compact anesthesia module, Minerve, France) where in vivo infectious models and pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic (PK-PD) experiments in mice and in rats are performed.

Gaseous anesthesia devices Microbiological safety cabinet for animal experiment

A nose-only inhalation system that enables direct delivery of antimicrobial drugs to the lung of rodents (rat and mouse) for pre-clinical efficacy and safety/toxicology studies is present in ABSL-2 lab located in PREBIOS. This equipement enables to treat simultaneously up to eight vigil animals with liquid or dry aerosols.

The nose-only inhalation system is equiped with different devices such as temperature and humidity sensors, a non-isokinetic sampling system (filter analysis) to determine the concentration of aerosol in the air exposed to animals, and a cascade impactor for aerodynamic particle size measurements. When using dry powder, the small amount of powder collected on the filters and the impactor stages (a few hundred micrograms) can be measured using our brand new METTLER-TOLEDO microbalance.

Inhalation nose-only system Microbalance with Filter Weighing Accessories

Platforms at disposal at University

Our team can also have access to an animal care facility (PREBIOS) which presents conventional and EOPS hosting areas, and also surgery and experimental rooms for rats and mice. This animal platform is also composed of an in vivo PC2 safe lab, which is equipped with two insulators coupled with one anti-microbiological safety cabinet.

In fact, an IVIS Lumina XR (Perkin-Elmer, USA), which is a sensitive small animal optical imaging system by bioluminescence, fluorescence and X-ray belonging to ImageUP but available in PREBIOS is very useful monitor in vivo infection and perform in vivo PK-PD experiments by using bioluminescent strains of bacteria.

IVIS Lumina XR     Pulmonary infection using bioluminescent stain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in mouse


An ultrasound Imaging system for small animals is also available in PREBIOS.

Ultrasound imaging system for small animal Stereotaxic platform

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