June 2019

ANR French-German call on Antibiotic Resistance: CO-PROTECT project is funded

Inserm U1070 is proud to announce that the CO-PROTECT project has been selected for funding after the ANR French-German call on Antibiotic Resistance in the category: Investigations of the emergence, dissemination and burden of resistance using epidemiology, modelling, microbiology and cell biology. This collaborative project (CO-PROTECT) will involve 4 laboratories with international recognition, to investigate combinations of new beta-lactam / beta-lactamase inhibitors with other last resort antibiotics and identify favorable combination regimens preventing the emergence of resistance of multi-drug resistant (MDR) Gram-negative bacteria. CO-PROTECT will rely on innovative semi-mechanistic PK/PD modeling approaches, integrating sequencing and metabolomics approaches that will be applied to further research investigating combination therapies.


Research groups involved in CO-PROTECT:

Pr. Sebastian Wicha, University of Hamburg, Institute of Pharmacy, Hamburg

Dr. Jean-Winoc Decousser, University of Paris-Est, UFR Médecine, Paris

Pr. Theodore Alexandrov, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg

Pr. William Couet, University of Poitiers and Inserm U1070, Poitiers