New Post-Doc – Chantal Valcourt

We are pleased to welcome a new post-doc in our team Chantal Valcourt :

“I realized my pharmaceutical studies in the University of Navarre (Spain) and I obtained my PhD degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Angers (Inserm U1066) in 2016. My works included the development and the characterization of a formulation, able to encapsulate lipophilic molecules (essentials oils) with antibacterial properties, for the intravenous administration. The efficacy of these loaded molecules (used alone or associated to different antibiotics) were evaluated, in-vitro and  in-vivo(in the mouse) against multiresistant bacteria (MRB), like A.baummannii, K.pneumoniae or P.aeruginosa. I worked also to study the interaction between bacteria and nanoparticles using physico-chemical methods.

Since October 2017, I collaborate with the project SINCOLISTIN (University of Poitiers, Inserm U1077), to study the effectiveness of essential oils (without activity when used alone) associated with colistin against E. coli (sensitive and resistant to colistin) to treat infections in pigs.”


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